Planning Permits

When it comes to Town Planning and a Planning permit, it is one of life’s mysteries to the rules, regulations and hoops your local council will make you jump through. When you start your building project with Bribuild, one of the first issues we deal with is your planning and your building permit. Planning permit approved by Bribuild In most cases your planning is straight forward, we complete the drawings and elevations required and apply for the permit. In Victoria, Bribuild have a special channel we use called Vicsmart. Vicsmart is a 10 business day process that basically tells us if your planning application will have a problem. Its a great channel as it allows us to check your planning requirements before you commit to spending too much money. In NSW we have the CDC program, CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate. This process takes 20 business days and provides us with the planning permission we need to complete a building permit. The CDC is perfect for small builds like a granny flat or a stand alone building extension. In Queensland the fast approval planning process has 2 different channels. Risksmart is a 5 business day approval process, perfect for granny flats and small buildings and kit homes. Each council in QLD has its own Risksmart processing department. Bribuild is familiar with the Risksmart process and will complete the application on your behalf. In Tasmania, there isn’t a fast track process for a planning permit. The process is a little different to other state requirements. In comparison to other states, the planning application is a very simple process.

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