Owner Builder Tasmania

Owner Builder in Tasmania

To become an owner-builder in TAS, you must complete an approved owner-builder course. The TAS Owner-Builder Course requires approval by Workplace Standards Tasmania and will provide you with the educational requirements mandated to apply for your owner-builder permit.

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Tasmania Owner Builder Fact Sheet

7 steps for owner builders in Tasmania

Step 1. Plans & Designs

Contact Bribuild to discuss your design we are accredited building designers and will help you decide if you want to become an owner builder.

Step 2. Plans & Designs

The Bribuild team will help you engage a Building Surveyor on your behalf. This person will certify the plans and give a copy of your plans to the local Council.

Step 3. Book in for your owner builder course

the Tasmanian Owner Builder Responsibilities Course (must be a Tasmanian approved course) – this is not required for Class 10a or 10b buildings; and

the Construction Induction card (White Card) course required for construction works for all Owner Builder Permits (Classes 1a, 8 and 10a and b buildings)

Step 4. Ensure you have the correct Insurance

Ensure that you have public and construction liability insurance for no less than five million dollars (please refer to the full detail on insurance requirements).

Step 5. Complete the OB Application form

Complete an application form. All persons listed on the certificate of title for your property must complete the application form. Only one person needs to complete the Owner Builder and Construction Induction (White Card) Course.

The application form and supporting documents are to be lodged at a Service Tasmania shop.

Step 6. Approval and Compliance

If approval of the application is granted, the Administrator of Occupational Licensing will issue a letter of confirmation (The Permit) with a permit number. The building surveyor will then issue you with a Certificate of Likely Compliance.

Step 7. Applying for a Building Permit

You now need to apply for a building permit from your local council. You will need to include the following with your application for a building permit: