Kit Home Owner Builders

Owner Builders

Owner builder is a great way to save thousands of dollars on your new kit home.

National wide the owner builder short course (usually online) and then paying a small fee for the owner builder’s license. This does vary from state to state, you may also require a white card to complete this course.

Owner builders are defined as individuals who supervise the assembly of their own kit home and coordinate all the work being completed, including any repairs or alterations made to the structure. Owner builders are expected to work no differently than an accredited builder, they will also be responsible for public liability and for maintaining occupational health and safety conditions as per building regulations.

There are substantial benefits to build your kit home as an owner builder.

Options as owner builders

DIY Owner Builder

First option is taking on the role of builder, which means you will assemble everything yourself without the help of any trades, you will still require by law trades such as electricians and plumbers.

DIY Owner Builder with help

Your second option is to take on the role of builder, but only in some tasks and still oversee the project to completion with the help of subcontractors and some trades people to do part of the building work like framing.

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