Kit Home Options Tasmania

BRIbuild Steel Frame Kit Homes in Tasmania.

Normally the very first questions when investigating the possibility of a kit home in Tasmaina is  “Do you Ship to Tasmania?” The Answer is yes!

Recently we have been receiving many enquires for our kit home product for the Tasmania market. We are not based in Tasmania (not currently plans are in the pipeline) From our  office and warehouse located in Melbourne we can design, certify and manufacture your steel frame walls and trusses then send via semi trailer via the spirit of Tasmania to your chosen destination in Tasmania. No different to if we were sending a kit home to Victoria or New South Wales.

Quick FAQ:

Q: Do your Kit homes comply with the Tasmania Building Regulations?
A: Yes they do. Our Kit homes comply with BCA which covers buildings in Tasmania

Q Is your Drafts person registered in Tasmania?
A: Yes our Drafty is registered in Tasmania (very important)

Q: Do you have a builder you could recommend in Tasmania?
A: We have one builder that we contract from time to time schedule pending.

Q: Can you help with building permits and Council?
A: We can recommend Jessica Critchley  0439 330 486 Building Surveyor in Hobart.

Q: Can we build your kit homes as an Owner Builder?
A: Yes you can, information about owner builder in Tasmania can be found here.

Q: Do you provide Custom design or can we bring our own design?
A: Your welcome to send us your proposed design to provide feedback regarding a costing and engineering.

Q: Do you provide engineering certification and Energy rating?
A: We provide all engineering documentation required for you to obtain a building permit.