Getting Started with Bribuild Kit Homes

When you engage with Bribuild to start your building project, the first conversation we will be about ‘Getting Started’ with Bribuild kit homes. We discuss your floor plan, your design, your block of land or backyard space. Of course we want all of our clients to have a successful building outcome, so we also ask about your expectation and your budget.

Along with our standard process, getting started is the first step to achieving your building goals.

getting started with Bribuild
getting started with Bribuild

As part of our initial consultation we will discuss with you not just the building process and time frames, we also discuss your planning permit and building permit.

One of the most annoying parts about building is the requirements from council. The council planning process can be long and painful. When you let us do your planning and building permit application we take away the stress.

We work with local councils and building surveyors and certifiers on a daily basis, and know what documentation is going to be required to ensure your building project is a success.

We assess your design and floor plan and tell you what is and what isn’t achievable with in your budget guidelines. Along with your drafting we also explain the engineering process and what needs to be completed step by step to achieve your building success.

A big part of the Bribuild ‘Getting Started’ process is understanding what additional things you may need to consider. Does your budget include the connection to services? Even though your new kit building or building extension is new and fresh, we still need to connect to the existing older Electrical and Plumbing services.