Prelim Council Planning Consult

When you start any building project big or small the first part of your journey will be consulting with the planning department with your local council or shire. The first thing the council ask you is where are your drawings and sitemap to reference your building project. At this point many people become frustrated and do 1 of 2 things. Stop and forget about their building dream or attempt to do the project without a planning and building permit, only for the council to send a lovely fine in the mail and a request to demolish a structure that you have already spent good money on.

When you engage Bribuild every client has the option to purchase our ‘PRELIM-CONSULT’ package.
Rather than go through all the headaches with council let us do this part of the process on your behalf. We will provide all the documentation requested by council to get a YES or NO on your building project. With our extensive knowledge of the planning process, we promise to use all of our experience to get you the best result.



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