Building Surveyors

Do you know what a building surveyor does?  A building surveyor is a person or business that is certified to issue a building permit. In Victoria, you only apply for a planning permit with the council. Building permits you use a Building Surveyor. Why use a Building Surveyor? A building surveyor works with a builder to ensure that a building project is safe. Of course we have the Building Code of Australia, it is the building surveyors responsibility to make sure that all of our homes are built to code. During the design and manufacturing process, we are always referring to the building code and in constant contact with your building surveyor to ensure that your building project is 100% compliant with your building permit. Throughout the build process, a building surveyor will complete inspections to ensure that each stage is correct. At Bribuild, we have several building surveyors that we use for country and suburban building projects.  

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