Melbourne Granny Flat builders

Building a Granny flat or DPU (Dependent persons unit) is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike other states in Australia Victoria has strict rules when it comes to Granny flats.

Melbourne and wider Victoria council rules state that a granny flat can be installed as a DPU as long as the people living in the granny flat are family members who are dependent on the family members living in the existing dwelling.


Should the dependent person no longer live in the granny flat. Council will require removal from the property.

Yes we know this is a ridiculous rule and many within the industry would like to see it changed to match the New South Wales rules where a granny flat can also be used as a rental income.

Don’t despair, if you are wanting to install a granny flat in Melbourne, you have found the appropriate company to help with building permits that will allow you to install your granny flat as an extension.

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