How to Choose the Right Home Insurance | David Keane, Solve My Claim

Want to know how to choose the right home insurance? David Keane, Solve My Claim, helps us know what to check when choosing.

Choosing the right home and contents insurance policy can have a huge impact on how protected you are, and what you’ll receive if you suffer loss or damage to your home or contents. 

Learn what to look for here.

Solve my Claim provides expert support and assistance to anyone struggling with their insurance claims. 

David is an expert on all things home and content insurance, and he’s going to help us understand and decipher the differences between insurance policies, and what to check, so we know we’re covered.

This is essential listening for anyone choosing a home and contents insurance policy, or wanting to review their existing policy to ensure they’re covered properly.

David Keane, Director of Solve My Claim

David is the Director of Solve My Claim, and he has been involved in the insurance industry (primarily in the area of claims management, loss adjusting and assessing services), for more than 24 years. 

During this time, he was constantly amazed at how many people came to him with insurance problems, complaints, disputes and claims problems. In every instance, he was able to resolve those claims. He realised that there was nowhere for these people to turn, and that realisation started a process that resulted in the creation of Solve My Claim in 2014.

Solve My Claim exists to provide expert guidance, to help you navigate through claims disputes and problems that can be difficult to resolve.

Many people feel disempowered when making an insurance claim, because the company has a team of experts acting for them, and you are all on your own. Well not any longer! Solve My Claim is levelling the playing field, and ensuring that you have the best possible opportunity to solve your claim.

In this interview, David is going to help us understand:

What he recommends you specifically check in your insurance PDS to ensure you’re coveredHow to best determine the value of your home and contents for insurance purposesAnd whether unapproved structures, especially on rural and regional properties, will be covered in your insurance policy.

So, let’s hear more.



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