Getting started on a renovation or new build project

What’s really stopping you from getting started on your renovation or new build project?

Learn how to get started, with some simple steps you can do now.

I want to share something with you that was really brought home to me recently … because it came from a few different angles!

A homeowner messaged me with concerns about a consultant they’d been working with who unexpectedly needed to pull out of their project. 

They were right towards the end of that person’s work, and yet it wasn’t finished. 

It’s necessary work for their project, so they’ve hit this hurdle, and she was really frustrated because “we’re trying to do everything right and just keep having setbacks”.

At the same time, I’d been having an ‘interesting’ week with my kids, all pushing back on specific activities and goals being set at school: “It’s too cold, it’s too hard, I don’t want to, etc etc etc”.

And recently, I’ve also received a few emails presenting fantastic opportunities for Undercover Architect, that will require me to wrap my brain around and get up to speed on some really specific industry information, in order to be involved. 

I noticed myself pushing back and wanting to say ‘not right now’.

What do these things have to do with each other? 

And why am I sharing this with you?

Well, whilst all of this was going on, I was editing one of the sessions we’ve created for our Live Life Build members (my other business, where we work with residential builders). 

It’s a session called “Recalibrate in times of uncertainty and challenge” that we created with an amazing executive coach, Belinda Brosnan.

In it, she said: “There’s only 2 reasons for resistance: Fear, and lack of information.”

This is the thing:

I have a front-row seat to homeowners experiencing resistance.

My response is often to suggest ideas and next steps that make it simpler to move forward. 

And that’s super helpful, because as someone who is experienced at this, ‘next steps’ is definitely something I can give.

That deals with the ‘lack of information’ part.

However, whilst my suggestion of ideas and next steps is super helpful, sometimes there’s a much bigger MINDSET at play which needs to be dealt with.

Because the fear is also there. And very real and understandable.

You make a mistake in renovating or building, it can have BIG ramifications for your money and lifestyle, long-term.

So, if you’re feeling resistance in your project, is it due to fear or lack of information?

Because the ‘lack of information’ part is easily sorted (just keep reading the information here on Undercover Architect for starters LOL!)

But the fear will require something else.

What I know is that homeowners can have ALL THE INFO in the world, and still be fearful (or ‘overwhelmed’ is how they’ll often say it).

For the homeowner who contacted me with her fears and frustrations, I gave her a suggested next step, and I also suggested she be solutions-focussed.

Because renovating, building, (life), is like this …

Things happen, hiccups and hurdles present themselves, and resistance will crop up. 

So when you can flip your mindset to be solutions-focussed, it definitely helps tackle the fear.

I could keep talking about this so much … because there’s also a whole conversation about the fear being due to stories, and anticipated situations that haven’t even occurred, etc etc (listen to my chat with Lisa for more on that).

However, this is meant to be a short blog post, to help you get started on investigating this for yourself.

So, whilst you’re looking for steps and tactics and strategies … all of which you can find here in bucketloads, get curious with yourself and the resistance you might be feeling.

Because I just know a lightbulb went off in my brain when I heard that statement: “There’s only 2 reasons for resistance: Fear, and lack of information.” 

And it generated a bunch of curious thoughts about where it’s been showing up for me, for my family … and where I see it showing up for you in your projects.

Can you get curious about any resistance you’re feeling?

Is it due to fear?

Or a lack of information? 

Or a bit of both?

And so, what will you do next?

I hope that’s helpful for you

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