Easy install lockup kit panels

Entrepreneurs these days are always looking for a better method to grow the income stream with less outlay. At Bribuild we understand this as a requirement due to our own investment property portfolio.

In Australia one of the biggest expenses when building investment properties such as town houses or dual occupancy units is the cost of labour.

Traditional builds are becoming so expensive due to the amount of time trades are required onsite.

BRIbuild set out to setup our current steel frame and panel method to work with a multipurpose developments such as townhouses or holiday units.

Again if we utilise the low cost labour of our offshore business and semi complete walls floors and roof structures, it means less time for trades to be onsite.

Another huge saving as any property developer knows, NO Cranes required!. Our steel frames and panels rarely exceed 300kg, which means a truck crane can lift components directly from the truck into place. A 2 man install team can lock 10 sections into place within 3 hours. Lockup in a couple of days.

Optimising build times allows BRIbuild to tender for larger projects such as over 55 villages, Holiday parks and residential town house developments.

If you have a multi dwelling development and are looking for an affordable solution and a quick build time consider Bribuild.

All components and materials are tested and certified to meet Australian New zealand standards. Engineering and energy reports are supplied with all our builds. Documents are site specific.