How is this for a cool build over garage!

build over garage concept bribuild
build over garage concept bribuild

Have you every considered sharing space with your car? The garage or backyard shed has potential to provide that extra space by completing a ‘Build over garage’.
It might be a space for a home office, teenage retreat, home business or even a granny flat or man cave.

Build over garage is more affordable than a building extension of the same dimensions.

Backyard Pod in Alphington

Custom Floor Plan Backyard pod in Alphington by Bribuild
backyard pod alphington by Bribuild
Another wonderful backyard pod - Garden studio project in Alphington by Bribuild
Bribuild Backyard Pod Garden Studio in Alphington
Bribuild Backyard Pod Garden Studio being assembled in Alphington

Emily from Alphington – Melbourne came to us after being frustrated with other building companies. We visited her site and came up with a reading room backyard pod solution for her backyard. We did a sketch to show the potential building type and a render to show how it may look. Emily and her husband were considering to sell and move to a larger home, but looking at the economics it was a far greater solution to create a new space in the backyard.

Easy install lockup kit panels

Entrepreneurs these days are always looking for a better method to grow the income stream with less outlay. At Bribuild we understand this as a requirement due to our own investment property portfolio.

In Australia one of the biggest expenses when building investment properties such as town houses or dual occupancy units is the cost of labour.

Traditional builds are becoming so expensive due to the amount of time trades are required onsite.

BRIbuild set out to setup our current steel frame and panel method to work with a multipurpose developments such as townhouses or holiday units.

Again if we utilise the low cost labour of our offshore business and semi complete walls floors and roof structures, it means less time for trades to be onsite.

Another huge saving as any property developer knows, NO Cranes required!. Our steel frames and panels rarely exceed 300kg, which means a truck crane can lift components directly from the truck into place. A 2 man install team can lock 10 sections into place within 3 hours. Lockup in a couple of days.

Optimising build times allows BRIbuild to tender for larger projects such as over 55 villages, Holiday parks and residential town house developments.

If you have a multi dwelling development and are looking for an affordable solution and a quick build time consider Bribuild.

All components and materials are tested and certified to meet Australian New zealand standards. Engineering and energy reports are supplied with all our builds. Documents are site specific.

Melbourne Granny Flat builders

Building a Granny flat or DPU (Dependent persons unit) is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike other states in Australia Victoria has strict rules when it comes to Granny flats.

Melbourne and wider Victoria council rules state that a granny flat can be installed as a DPU as long as the people living in the granny flat are family members who are dependent on the family members living in the existing dwelling.


Should the dependent person no longer live in the granny flat. Council will require removal from the property.

Yes we know this is a ridiculous rule and many within the industry would like to see it changed to match the New South Wales rules where a granny flat can also be used as a rental income.

Don’t despair, if you are wanting to install a granny flat in Melbourne, you have found the appropriate company to help with building permits that will allow you to install your granny flat as an extension.

No building permit required!

No Building permit required

We call it the “Home Extension” our smallest buildings with the largest interest. Before tiny houses there was the bungalow movement. The portable building that fixed the accommodation problem for the teenager that needs privacy or easiest path to caring for older family members.

At Bribuild we knew there would be people in our community that just need that extra room.

So we designed the DIY flat pack building that could be used in so many situations.

Making it your own. The man cave, the craft room, the music room….

The best part of the instant “home extension” is in most states and territories in Australia, you DO NOT require council* passion to assemble in your back yard.

No building permit required!

To find out more about our no permit buildings please visit instant home extensions.

Williamstown Backyard Pods For Sale

Granny Flats Melbourne

Do you live in Williamstown Melbourne and need more room? Have you considered a Backyard pod or Garden Studio?

Melbourne Garden Studios Bribuild Steel Frame
Bribuild Backyard Pod
Williamstown Backyard Pods
Our Backyard Pods do not require a building permit

In Williamstown our pods do not require a building permit!

If you are considering a larger footprint then maybe one of our Granny Flats might be more suitable.

If you have questions about our backyard pods, please free to give us a call 0419 122 821 or 1300 866 131

Build over Garage

build over garage example - Bribuild

Ever thought of expanding your space by building over your garage? Building over your garage is easier than you think!

Bribuild can custom design a Steel frame Kit Home that utilises the space above your garage. We can even create a garage design and manufacture to specifications.

All you need to do is send us photos with a small explanation of what your would like to achieve, we will then provide feedback on your projects budget.

build over garage example - Bribuild
Do you have a garage that could be utilised better?
colorbond build over garage
colorbond build over garage as seen in the 2017 series of Channel 9 ‘The Block”.


Build over garage is perfect for, games room, granny flat, airbnb, teenagers retreat.

For Build Over Garage – contact Bribuild 1300 866 131 or 0419 122 821

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