CDC Fast track applications

CDC Planning NSW Kit Homes

Bribuild clients living in New South Wales have an advantage when building when applying for permits via the CDC (complying development certification). CDC allows for a quick 20 business day process to apply for building permits.

Victoria are catching up in some councils with the intorduction of the VIC SMART planning application.

CDC Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development, determined by your council or an accredited private certifier.

To find out if your building project or renovation is complying development, and how to lodge an application for a CDC, visit the NSW Planning Portal.

Why do I need a building permit

Bribuild Building Permit Assistance

Too many times we have people contact us wanting to do a small and large buildings on the “Cheap”. Which also includes not wanting to get a building permit or not understanding what a building permit is.

No matter where you are in Australia the general rule is that any building with a footprint exceeding 10m2 requires a building permit.

What does a Building permit mean to me?

Well, a building permit means many things. It doesn’t only document the type of building being assembled on your land to local council, it also provides a set of regulations that a building needs to comply with in your local area, such as wind, footing requirements and of course fire zones.

A building permit insures that you as an owner builder or a registered builder assemble your building not only to the certified engineering your builder requires, a building permit also stipulates guidelines in regards to plumbing, electrical and probably the most important part of a building permit is safety.

When you approach Bribuild for your next building project one of the first questions we will ask is…… have you spoken to local council or a building surveyor regarding your building permit? And if you havn’t, would you like us to approach the appropriate authority on your behalf.

From years of industry experience, the up front costs of drafting engineering and a building permit, out way the cost of trying to complete a building permit after you have assembled your building without the correct permission.

Feel free to talk with us about building permits.

Backyard pod being delivered in Malvern

Another backyard pod delivery for Handyman Assist. Bribuild Steel frame building solutions.

2 Garden Studios for home offices being delivered to Malvern in Melbourne. Bribuild completed a Vicsmart planning application as the units are being assembled on a boundary. Due to the studio foot print they will be assembled by a handyman. We have a great network of handyman services familiar with our backyard pods and Garden studio systems.

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