Bespoke Small Buildings and Steel Frame Kit Homes

Who is Bribuild?
Bribuild is about affordable sustainable smart design, custom build kit homes and steel frame buildings.
What we provide you.

Bribuild provide an easy DIY Kit building Solution.
Wholesale Certified Builder Solution.
We manage your Engineering Documentation.
We manage your Council Planning Application.
We manage your Building Permits.

BRIbuild Steel Frame Kits come with standard Inclusions package

Our Steel Frame Buildings are manufactured with Computer Precision
The latest in manufacturing technology allows us to deliver building designs and proceed to building quicker

@BRIbuild we welcome you to BYOD


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Steel Homes

Bribuild design and manufacture steel frame homes and buildings direct to the customer at affordable realistic prices. You have the option to select one of our floor plans and customise or bring us your own floor plan for a no obligation free quotation. Bribuild steel frame homes are provided as a lockup package including engineering to successfully apply for a building permit.

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Kit Homes

A kit home provides a fantastic method of building your own home as an owner builder. Bribuild manufacture steel frame lockup kit homes flat packed and delivered to clients in VIC, NSW, QLD and TAS. Choose from one of our lockup designs, or we assist you to design your custom kit home and ensure that your able to apply for a building permit.

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Garden Studios

We manufacture steel frame Garden Studios. Our studio designs typically do not require a building permit. Our steel frame lockup kit Garden studios are perfect for D.I.Y assembly or can be installed by one of our talented handy man services. Our Garden studios can be custom designed to suite your floor plan requirements.

find out more about our GARDEN STUDIOS

Backyard Pods

Our backyard pods are perfect standalone building extensions. Bribuild Backyard pods can be custom designed to suite your floor plan requirements and typically do not require a building permit. Our backyard pods are suitable as a teenage retreat, home office or even a man cave!

find out more about our BACKYARD PODS

Granny Flats

Keeping loved ones nearby or generating that extra rental income is easy with one of our D.I.Y Granny Flats. Choose from one of our 1 & 2 bedroom lockup kit designs or bring your own design for us to provide quotation. All of our granny flats are delivered with engineering to successfully apply for a building permit.

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Town Houses

Property Developers Welcome! Bribuild offers a comprehensive engineering and detail service for Townhouse developers. Our townhouses are provided as an all in one lockup kit specific to your site. Our advantage is price and assembly process. Less trades onsite and a quicker install times lead to savings. Multiple unit order attracts discounts, we welcome you to send us your existing drafting for quotation.

find out more about our TOWNHOUSE LOCKUP KITS

Portable Modular Buildings

Portable buildings such as site offices, portable accommodation pods are a quick and simple solution if you do not require a building permit. Bribuild can design and custom build portable buildings.  We also design, engineer certify and manufacture lockup modular buildings such as house modules, we can even provide a certified solution for Tiny house projects.


Planning & Building Permits

All of our Steel Frame Lockup building packages are supplied with the appropriate engineering and related documentation. Bribuild provide within our standard package assistance to complete Planning Permits (if required) and the building permit process. We will engage council or a building surveyor on your behalf to complete a building permit application.

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